Teenage Driver

We offer a state approved teenage driver training program that meets all state requirements. This state required course involves 32 hours of classroom training plus 7 two-hour driving lessons for $385.00. All classes, driving and classroom, meet for 2 hours each lesson. This program can be split into just classroom training or just driving training. The classroom portion alone is $189.00. Once the student completes the classroom training then parents can teach the driving portion of driver’s education at home. Contact us for more details about this option. Students are allowed to miss up to four (4) days of classroom  training, but must make these days up on another day when that class is being taught. Driving lessons are scheduled at your convenience at times separate from the scheduled classroom time you chose. Check out the course schedule and learn about the process involved in teaching your teenage driver.

Posted on March 18th, 2010 and last modified on January 2nd, 2014.