How To Get a Learner’s Permit License

Taking Your Driving Test Today (DPS Third Party Skills Driving Test)
What You Need To Know And How You Should Prepare

To take your driving test at 1-2-3 Driving School you must have a valid Texas Learner’s Permit from the Texas Department of Public Safety (aka the DPS) and valid means not expired.

Learner's Permit License
Valid Learner’s Permit License (Non-Expired)

Teen Drivers Ages 15-17

Teenages ages 15 to 17 years are required to take our teen drivers education course. The teenages course consist of 32 hours of classroom instruction as well as 14 hours of in-car driving lessons. In the first week of classroom the student will taie the written test with us, and if they pass the test, they will be able to go to the TX DPS with the needed documents to apply for a learner’s permit. After completion of the teen course the student will have a learner’s permit and a certificate of completion DE-964.

Adult Drivers Ages 18-24

To get a Learner’s Permit applicants ages 18 to 24 must take the 6 Hour State-Certified Online Adult Drivers Education Course. We’re The Shortest Course to Your Drivers License!™ which means you are only 6 hours away from passing the written part of your driving test. Upon successful completion of our course, just download your certificate like tens of thousands of other Drivers Education of America students-turned-drivers before you. Take your printed Drivers Education of America certificate to the Texas Department of Public Safety (aka the DPS) to get your learner’s permit without having to take the written test. That’s right, say “Bye-Bye” to the written test because you’ve already passed it. Over 25? You may also take our course! The same applies for you, take our course and automatically pass the written portion of the driving test. Just head to the DPS with our certificate that you printed out and some other identification documents and apply for your learner’s permit. Ba-da-bing! Now you have your learner’s permit.

Drivers Education of America provides the 6 hour adult drivers education course required for drivers license applicants ages 18- 24. If you are of the ages 25 or older you may also take this course and skip the written test at the TX DPS.

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Posted on March 15th, 2018 and last modified on May 9th, 2018.